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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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dandgurint thab bak,tihe tm im fe deannse osd prioecutren we le abge to get to atherelnd bieve th eaey r achedgrn aeneemort f a pl .dealconf in t dlea li skwmy jimmercart m ki e istexpec pd todlealt guiy to a plequint couaua sexssl a it wormin, one ct ounexof sual ulassat. th leat psa iup sdpose tod leao t acc angepti of 35- -teseng ncin 5of 3rs yeali to fen i ispron. at th wase somgthint tha we spoke to theat fher t ofmicti da to an wd he tglins thate h didpp a orovefs thi alde. t heghhoutt ias w a good idea. an d ,he e,quotai s tdhis will wallo himo t not see that ns moter oanymre. rtrepo lingivem fro theth nor la gas veuss j ticet,cour'm i se rgioa.avil gi'llo adahe ands tos itac bk to yn ou ithe udstio. >> he mic lle:n thauk yo for th at. ve oury t dghinay rt cou for m.the ani c e'tvengi imahane wts it' flikeorh teic vtims ry>> k: stalht rig nowoca lal ma nho wol psaice y wast sho in th eac fie whlery t tingore bak
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ar heising tgakinla pceor f ex alerand galonzheez wre age jud is ngeari encvidee ainga hstim andid decingth wheiser has ce lwilov m te ono trial. i w knohi ts is very gricaph. dheid sveurvis thi oosh.ting atst lea twoit wesness arepa ctexpeo ed talbe c algonzs ez ingfacirg chaf es o laburgitry wdeh a wadlyn,eapo te atdmptegl bur wary aithdl deay ap we aon,pond sissesofon nt coedrollbs sucetan rdaccoting heo tre arrtrepo eo hom fwnerza gon ilez ktheheitcfn ornd he to old p hlice head afe kni ca beusee hghthouomt syebodas w a chsinghi he ke broto in amfsily'e hom ugthroheh tirgy dog doornd a ey tht sho him. we e hopo t h aaven update on th asis cne oat lerti edi oonsf ne ws.3 'lwe llet you nowct exalyha wt hadene c inourt today. >> st kry wal: ree aoi g bngring ou rel kurly cran ithnto e co sanver knyou ow, at illy,s t hade az crw y ho iwarmbet's uten o
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d 80esegrei k >>: ellyte yes irday t had r ain on icathe d r ant i goout to e runabrr rantds god i i th itink oo's t. hot noi'm adt rer y foye80s t. k >>alryst p: in ut oflip-flop ip flps-flo. k >>: ellyin defy itel.warm the warmth is continuing today. he irea s metiap-loose lrok fm th ahe p vrumpeyallgh hioo schl w where've he some ghhie tnhi e oucl odsann odth ugrothou da rsdato 'sthatll reahay we' oing de e spitclthe , oudsertempesatur l stil wveryarm. pa phrumle valigy hsch ly th wilm ca:.nd wi at dngearile earmenty hoscol, mb la v andsega eyvall, wlley lo g okin5 at 7eedegrs. t asfthe aonernodors wea ware ex tipecigng hohs t t obes e th lowderethe fcords y'toda ate,mite.82n w is19 ve loel lik.that bu et wavee som very big gechansom cining ourfostreca. esomh mucol coer mptetuerares. lo oksi leke wig m ghtet back to e th boots andat swe kerindpa 7ary hoe at weher. >> st kry al: !yeah el>> k wly: ge're loing aookt th cuping 75 it up's sdpose b tohie tims t a yer. la [ erught ]
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k >>alrystha: tyonk u. pr apteecia that. >> li> poayce san a m whoas w sh ot by a metro pe olicceoffir onresp ding rto atepor a of rs peiton wh a gunn i a deresilntiaa are isxp ed ecteto verecor. e thcde sho sg otinenhapplaing st ni inght ofrea mon loas las vegoy bo arulevd d anrost. arse p.kway f rethe wporthaas tmat a s n wato nu wa wvingaphat edpearbe to un a gen_ p atngassis. car ooit tlik a sttlehiearcutng bsqu of rsficend fouir thepe susn ct ieys a hbneigodorho tthey triedngalkih witmathe n t bu athatenpparditly hdn'telp an sd at.1ome ic offirer faed ng sishle ot. th ne ma s was ihothen t ldshouer. he i isenjurutd bdec exptoted ma fke are.very t>>ahe masle winointheg t fi mrear at pngassi hives.cle whenff os icervearrined iis th deresilntiaig nehohbor tod,ook a tt li tleimee d thica t bu utheyatltimfoely hiund m at th ecornr. fi of icersiammed atelypttemted stto eshabli a dgialoueit wh the .male su iseder numousom cs mandotin bh liengndsh a inpa shnis for the
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em thbe to ir a fun n i hma chand .hand ry>> k: stalfa as tr ashe we , aponrminfonatioge sugtst i lo e likon gurart io w n't al re so th spus s s noth.glis ic>> me:hello tew a n cl exeusivh wit f theyamilso eem mi a ofal locan womnd fout sho h deat cin a pe po llicengooki t forguhat , nman itbut ot's n o thepenly rson ro'reyare seg chin -y25r-ead olontymca adcle nngu dedwnove othr eaweenekd. sh d w was aithhenotanr me th erey wefr conedonth^co send hi ve acleolnd psice heay t sp suect inha ttarioec sveond ehicl fi tati mulnd roupoo intmc admccls die'car. sh ase wkie e thshman s e wa wwithas wo ddundee . we spokato kd san s radzpitsnsa casandrth smi iwho_ner h.blicincous p >> us i jpet hoea it imts h pei hoea it outs yry evenc chae yo -u -ry evenc chaoue y i get pe ho e ityoats iku lm's ita ti eaeng mri up ghte 's it otst n.ght sh sn' didest deerv n e sho'tidn es dervet iat ic>> me:hellli pooce tki loong
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fo iniormatel mnc ingludi p o whopstdpeo ten rrdeaaio ey thed trihe to help tti vic cepoli l arengooki t for hose lepeopwe as ll. if h you aavenfny itiormaouon y n cata conolct p oicembeme cyouiclw a cays cr stime rsoppebe numthr uyoan c s raieme quymanonous. th me nu tber ohere suhe t rscen. >> st kry hal: iere big tpoli icalst.newso n seveidcand -atesll- foe ow morec wi heth tbe numerrs h 1e --2 at sthues, dsndrede of telegas up fo abr grs. i itus stuper y.esda ic>> me:hellesu it s re ir supest datuesa e thesbiggcit de dsion oaythf espridential campaign thus far. actr pietsots i winhiastongn wi mthe or wont ha cwe eanecxpt fr tomayod. >> ep rteor r:naser tornbe ie ndsas ertivo bngk acmehon i vermont this morning the one st heate a ist lmos tsureino w de to day. >> am i cenfidhat t ire then lis a varge oterouturn odayeon ac trosscohis y,untrar we e in go dg tollo we. t if'shere, notre we' ba pro
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>> reporter: llhiy artoclinr te pon tsinhe a iadrn ouheio natr b po no to y dae'shins s atetaan srsde ettarg-ed -y,bne minsota- -af nt us fre tratthbid pue reanblics ng la.uage or>> ftegotomn celpletouy abt is asueshend t ry'rengunni t acamp bigns oasedio inlts. ha urs t inedin k odf upone-himans p ontatisulng. >> or rep ter:tapu2 1esstatos cho idcand tates.odayp e te ern whthe boti paromes c pete tplusemhe dtsocraco in ralo do danep rliubnscan ii asal.ka xate s,datosy' largest, au mst wi orn ftd te cruz. tohousdan toy. a >>anny ctedida c whootann s histome haate rl ea i evbeli we wedoill l wel here tein xas. >> reporter: he andar m rcoioub earig finht tg foisintr seok ta n ke olddonamp truwi in nner atakeloll farider lats thi thmon. nd a vhi oho wmp trueiampa gnedd da toy. w >>eae r wlly tantino w hio p we're ingo wgtoma dy oioohm r >>teeportrr: isump ll sti
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w no ap moce pera nt, hinew s on i ou h.lls pthatso alnd foup toev e- onneon-oth neiuber rio nor cr uz couldt bea t.rump ytodald couer det hmineucow mh erlong tgehey t anc chaeo t try. tr acies,pottw nes, wa gtshinon. >> he mic lle: w wetoant mi re nd yous newil3 wl bringyo u live su tperdauesy racovege. we 'reng goi toar st wtith a su tperayuesdci spetal a p6:00.m. thtonigne on v.ws3lcom on ouritwebse. ha tilt wl be fweollod by anbc n ec sp rialrtepoh wite liv upsdate d anul resigts r h nechanthl ree. th start evsen. thenll we'aq uct reafrion om al fl ose theul resonts t aight^an 0.11:0 earou y a caneset r oultsn r ouersistti staheon tw cllos la gas vets a:0 10lihi tda deineveng. k >>alrystpe: ctrfecias it oi's go ng t lbe a ong 3.ght ic>> me:hellt' ia n beenga lolas se sa po calitiasl seo on s hfar'tasn it?
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m >>llichenee: gvadanoover nd saalz avs sayilhe wrol the sut orhibe wndevho beromec es e th ree blpuanicom neeino th cisesoms ae thsoasatci ed esprsus eyrv gederovrsnond a se tona nrsioatidnwone -- really they're focusing on trump. etwhrhehe t wylilot v fe tormpru hif wes inethno timinaon. le hass tan hly theld wouo t no omt c tmit b him. me soai seyd thld woupp suort ir thard pidty brn or veinbackb na doruld te ve go srnorvaandos l ha alformndly ed orsenda cae idat hebut c dids aucusefor r nato o marco rubi wlasteek. >> go> rnve sordoanl vas waceon a ca idnde atr foe thenopg in tonhe u. ss.reup cmertou. we w kneou abtht at. no ew h n isnyot a.ckerl tnex aos noon the psirentdeet ma th wide leao rs tusdisce s thn refututh of ghe hirt cous o wh iwill nt beext? vane sdaaten horryarei rwad s th remon os hiacreontio tatwh we e 'rarheg ins wacoa enntouti s gathering. >> kryst: allu p bsk ac ton he stand. erin andrewsfyestiining ahl her mnt
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hwe tavecohat ming.upup ry>> k: stal k >>alryst: >> ch mi: elleco wel bmekac ev ybery.od ndhudsref oeo plepat gdhere to tdaybeememvir a iargin li poffce o wicerasho wle kilhel he err v lir fayst d oaen dob. leashiny gu'sdoner funsal i ngbeid helay tod. wshease onth of re thee fi of scers shotdaaturny i rgviiainhi wle rndespo tingao me do vsticnciolecae ll. otthe her two oerffichos wer we o shet wreur injuted b trey a ctexpeo sue.rviv t he ea14-yd r-olateen ger seaccu d incieneryestsday'tos dho sg otine aatohn miodlidsce olhoad me hi fis t rspeapanar ice cnrtou to y.da atthee t in fsinac cgrghagi at tetemprdd muaser, t sauld ki maerng tstrorire thdos.a hi tos at erneyednterot a ne il gulety pr a foyohis ung cl .ient stthe t udenedopene firngduri nc luehtim t inroaf ciaeters
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somadiwnn to.shipu tw udo st wentsshere twot, rsothefe sufinred esjurith as ey re wein try rg toun. th erey wt e hihaby s k rep.nell themagunlen fut b was prapenehdde nebary. hoscs olearlo cd sedatoiny ha t bareaeaut l adersrore pngvidi ad onditiupal s fporttuor ss,dent lifamindes aff stan wheseclass re sumerrtomoow. >> re we'y verce con arnedtbou ud stleur ret tningheo tr p fe caa.teri e'so wavll hidditpp suort in teocuaf ciaeter. e tht n,agaih wit g ourf tu regrnin a toucs mlorma a s d^ ou rumbe oas sri py oritois ti omakegde stu fntset mf coblortande ae safurnip deso p wh haedppen. m >>lliche te: hehe s sriff ays s he ie awarof aot m iiven the tishooutng b they are note rady tonumeasreleate throrsiv motemo >> st kryqibhorrle. >> he mic lle:scporterastand tvthosn erind arewsay s sshe do otes nin thkhe s g'lletve or the eonmotial oufall tt chatame eraft ata serlkoo tnuk photos of er hnd aut phe tm on the in ettern
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th ertalk a was tble g mo re tvinganhem acd pla ing pcell chonea amernsagaie t th yemptle ho. ck bae n thdstanswsndres saya reshe s mainuaon gverd eimry tand si bu tnesslsrave. dr ansaews heys sed immlyiate ks as c toehangms rooso as son a e shck che,s insfuse\fet l me caras. >> hi i t tnkhe thingt tha's re hallyomit hore f mend aur hts heme tor wst isn whels gir gh hil,hoole colge -- they ee twet m and say i want toe b er in anxc eeptor fhe tar mtriot al stker inthg. i can'ton ctrol k>>stry: alnd awsres i sngui ma iorr75or $n.llioral, >> he mic lle: ibackvan ne rngoverior banan sl dovaincuttor th bbe riodon tn ay ofithe rst se oriesecf el ctrichaar cgrgin iostatetns b lweenegas vndas ad .reno ry>> k: stale som t of orts
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ewhiler othans c ceharg aar c to 80er p icentn 30 mesinut. sa alndovno anngunci the also-c eledrilectc hwaighyt las t mm suer. th oje praiect o ms t dhelprsrive lecomphete t m 450joile yurne in th seir rhort eangerilectarc cnt an ood burst rreco eesnomide br ngingi tsrist wd neecru ch targes carmato s to wns. pit'syrettl. coo l iike it. >> he mic: llet' thahes te wav of e th refutu. k >>alrystit: ll reay un s. icaue >> he mic lle: wsoon be'lle pl nguggi c ournar i e sidcarga of othr otonectrics. >> st kry ial: uf yoe are lik me dandiko le i do cell esphon, u yo n mayot bein gog heanywre. slet'in brng i kelly .now ic>> me:hellim t te toalk we r.athe idare say?it oni wa't sty ho but is warm. >> ly kelel: wl, i mean, it's re tilalyvepe sinakgor f march 1st. i tinhk c youanay st' iscar i , meanalnorm t fortihis f me oro
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a weoore l akingitt qufee a o ou cl tds out rhere night e'so wotve ge somerfilt su nenshing goi w de e spitclthe , oudsertempesature stare riill psingy rettklquic ithisats whre we'ki loot ng ap t righinnow l theegas vas va .lley ersummanlin ked la 7s at2 gr den ee grlln vayoey, e u 7u ut sot heaserhend 7son,gr6 deees ri noght w. d anertempesaturll sting goi to cl moimb s re aetwe go intthe af ooternurn hos. w no swinds peedtypretht lig. de unx r sis milellurho t fore, mo arst prot achess tle val we ex're inpectosg thnde wi s toaho st reay plitty atght st lear ove nethe ouxt cdaple ys. we ha do sve a stormm ysteheon t way. ri noght eyw th s areg eeina or ststm syn em inothe esrthwt. at se ptle,anortlord, nn ther focali grniangettie somhaof tt in ra afallomnd sune mo stainnow as l. wel ithatt s noctexpeo ed tctaffe . us ra oualtht gh is lookkeliay m be l re wnol ilt gelia lettit bf o ershowiv actouity tt ofonhat e. 'r weine goe g sedsclout thaare ma tking wheirhray t rough ight now. th ice th okestellosthf oue clveds o
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'r weine goarg ste t seclthe o ea br ukingomp frt wesasto ete ne ouxt chople urs. i k thingsthinht migpr be etty anice gs weowet t sardst.unse l we'l msoarinore w thef ay o hisunsne. he hare wwet's ex're inpectr g fo hithe emgh ttuperaodre tay. 82 re deges. mo sstly sunny.kies t lighrid va wable.indsva w nos 82 i talsorehis fcordia to s day'.datelu e thrdreco i set86n 19 wthatliill bkely le at eastma ttied.oday niovertoght t,nightt prey mf coblortaale rely. 56 re deges. ma cinly slear.kies s windofout s the wouth est utabo t six2o 1rmbes mil per.houri slet' i getthnto r\c-d 7ara fo streca. wehouiot q te a t to t.abou ota l o.days, notu jstay tod d an eryest bday, qutuite a few ys da t inhe0 8s cg ominup rehe. we 're lngooki atmo2 to arrow sdthur redeges. mo reud clos on idfray. but the enweekd, tshing are g gointto s artgichanng. 'v weade h a l ootf hisunsne, a t lo ofm war traempesture.tely enttunse waste patrn m isg ovin tintoouhe sstthwe and we e'retixpec c onceaif r th mort sta spyunda afoternon. ouof c irseow kn it's themrasca sracee'o wngeepil a c ose
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zybree ndconitios. . 73 aymondos mtly oucldy, sercatted ershows. an ood ltk a the traempe ture erdiff.ence d 63esegre for the high. th ilat wl behe tast firstime we b'llee b n fmal tisomeme. >> he mic lle:llctuape ok lofoing d rwar mto ay.ondaro loi'm g okinhato t.t 63 chaot ndy rea det ye t eca fl loip-fps. >> st kry ial: at isle coor nd moay. we t'll iaket. > >>e her lis a aookatt whle we'r rkwoallu wo grkinfo on er "n lws 3ative re the." a vig traccic antideaes endl oe lifos t buavit snoes a.ther n we te'll oull yut abo s twoalpeciesa families connected by one het.artn us plas a m fsivebaire eell s over scotlanovd vwhataytz sabing itout and -howci- sstenties arin sayg ab ioutndt a r howenesidrets a e re ngacti. u yo't dont wanisto m se thol or st aies wnd a lholeorot mnc mi coupng l onquws "neiv 3 l e at e.thre" m >>llichesoe: re thetw's .ins e'thertrs tsiple ruquadtsple. at th 's a
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wa il untou y see- - oh my -gosh- howig b this lritte of pu iiessha tast wus jt rnbo. 's ituditi set rng ad ecoraras f ktheynow. >> st kry al: wow! th ar. momia m >>llichesue: maper st >> ry kalst h: y chi'm boris sh.en whas i wel sid winedblith oodotcl ms inngy lu,
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fo atrtun mely,cty doador h a pgamelan. tr eneatmtht wiel y he!guys he iny, f, allybosome cdy ian ulook..p to. .b..esesidie arn. xa o reltpr is o oven ttreat d anedhelp rthe uce risk of a dvte nd pd bloos.clot ltxare io sos alve pron r toe theducske riro of stke pinwieople b,th afi usnot caa ed by t vahear lvem.proble fo ler peoph af witib rrencuy tl mwelledanag onwa inrfar, th s ere'telimifod iniormatn on ar how xelto rfand waomarin cparein uc rede ing thf risk oke.stro yo owu kn, tr i rfied wa,arin th but d e blooingtest an ard diety strirensctio... n'domet get ed startthat on . 'ti didne to hav. s we otartedreltn xa.o asnice ps. fsafetyirst. ke li blo allhiod tnners, t don' tstopg akinltxareo wit thouintalk yg todoour ,ctor as t mahis eay incrouse yskr ri bof alolood ctrt or soke. wh taile ,king y you ma mbruiseeasiore ly an md itakay tnge lo er foree bl to ding.stop xa reltonc may ie yoreas ur f risk ongbleedi y ifakou trte cemeain nedicis. ltxare co auan cerse s,ious anin rd caare ses, fata eel blding. t ge righelpwaht a y forex uned bpectinleed g, ual unussibruing, t orininglg. y ifavou hd e haalspin thanesesia e whilaron x elto, h watcckfor ba pain nyor ave nermu or rscleedelat
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n doakot tree xa lto if h youanave ic artif ialhe lvart vae or orma abneel bl.ding llteou ydor orctef beor all planned medical or dl entaocpresedur. fo bertre staxareing lto, ytelldoour boctor aut kiany , dneyr,live or ed blepring msoble. knyou arow x elto heis tpres #1 edcrib bloodnethin itsr inss cla .th a bat'sinig w. it fo is r me. th wielto xar th is nere guo reoolar bld ni motoring an kd noienown d taryre ctstri.ions eatrt tmen xwithtoarel. .. ...w heas t m rightr ove fous.
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ry>> k: staleo somsne i celebrating a hdbirtay. me sooneeb celdrate a bt^tuhdrttv is tht pas.]kndekecum ha bythda .ylor ra tf roo. el yltaan so al a --acnd b tk tobi ug[ la ]hter she ieb celinratisg h c bi ayrthd. d anvante ue gel t ho pawha ? ey thim're amortnglizis hii\ am madsse tu.auds gtheyheot t\losatto y nd aadll. >> he mic lle: l it looks h inmo ta kisd in hofmesoip lou rta er the. k >>alryst g: i tuess hhey ave etto gm hiamera ready. eythipue ert a distsatedicoed t ingettmg hi j all aazzy ec spl.ia so he'sac altu hlyeer ias veg c
12:23 pm
he leges v llos ot ldqui ma tdamendussacos iheat te ne ve.tian rit'sy eall.neat eait r illyins icred hbleheow ty ke mase thenrieleb itieshen te li sskenehe. tase ws.gure ic>> me:hellhe toad t teupda m hih wit moreha tn 50at t toos usbeca'se hete gothan tty manmadame ta s.ttoo el>> k hly: oe isea2 yrs ol d. >> st kry wal: heell isfaa pr exivess [ htlauger ] >> he mic lle: hso itoave t jus pgrif tropsmohis cam bes_l do ng orhiot tmas mas su tapersamr ma. e shl:verecoier aftenexp de rilive-ng - y areeaou r it ? 17 pi pupes! d ant thaset a rdreco. ey th a'rell doing good. >> st kry tal: shat' azaming. >> he mic lle:co it bulde a co reorrd f theep she doged bre ey thg.ayinun htheytoave k loo.backu ey thsa're tyingishat ba prol re a scordr.ette ithism s molastel. at th m wasteom sanlla r d he erlittn borapin nala, cniifora
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l alheof te m arg doin wveryor d anllwie brmfa oedo ut esi gueys thgo're going t outo rm fad s anhedo tk wory the t doo ot pr ectstlive vethe o t whvedelithred tte lier ys sas hior recas- wad mthat sama,eshe dserveajhaa p or ry>> k: stall steanartell, k >>: ellyav i h ie tonemagi ey th b'reeottld fee h to t. ou ic>> me:helley thld woue havmuno ta be. >> st krykeueeincre.dibl sn e shabprobadly hbe to bed enriddpandleawhi. m >>lliche ie: 't donnk thi s haug enourh ngsinr^queatst.ionsq la [ erught ] k >>alrysto.: n wthey hould taveue ot b ftleel me soth of baose .biesq k >>: ellyil unt p theesuppi ar stett ggtiner old c andinhewg on er evinythg. n ca yde i hginer^ra chazy ta us ho ry>> k: stal i sher.ella im el stla. >> he mic lle:in com ng upxte on news l 3 aivecrel tweazhe fu etur t ofuphe s remet.cour a h higel lev mg tinhein tca it whuse ho w sach re dallyngiggi t ins.heelel gtheyoot t fs thi out.
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amosbia nadln'e fsnai lllwi th ere trea lrsde ltasi wuse n punow icbl. >> michelle: and a group of middlech srsoolein comotg t for anan ulti-bglyinmp can.aiges w hoy then pla t.rancouge
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